Personal training for a fraction of the cost. Each 45 minute group training session is coach led by a Nationally Certified Fitness Professional. We encourage and welcome ALL fitness levels and intensities. Our proven philosophy targets the benefits of tightening and toning muscle while shedding unwanted body fat. Our trainers take time to understand your specific goals, limitations, and fitness levels at the start of your Circuit Fitness experience. This allows us to modifying a movement to maximize results. Every session is programed and well thought out. Getting to the gym is challenging enough; nearly impossible if you’re not sure what to do. Let us remove that stress and guide you through your program. That’s what we do!


We start with a free group training session to better understand our program. This also allows our trainers to begin learning you. Each session is different as no two days are the same. Classes may have anywhere from 4-8 exercise stations. Each station will have a set time or rep count before moving on to the next station. Every class is well thought out and professionally programmed to maximize results. We start slow and build progressively as the days and weeks pass. Safety and results are everything. Our coaching staff is constantly assessing and teaching. Our job is to make your time and training experience as safe and effective as possible. We take away the guesswork and do the thinking for you. You just got to get here!