Personal Training for a fraction of the cost.  

We provide members a personal training experience in a small group setting. Each 45 minute group training session is led by a knowledgeable Nationally Certified Fitness Coach. Coaching proper movement and form is where we excel. By making safety the priority, results are more attainable. Every group training session is well thought out and programmed to achieve great outcomes.

We welcome and accommodate ALL fitness levels and intensities from the gym novice to the seasoned fitness enthusiast. Because our program is versatile and functional, we can expose you to a variety of exercise methods for your starting point while keeping your goals in sight. The Circuit Fitness methods will tighten and tone your muscle in order to shed unwanted body fat in addition to the many other benefits gained from general fitness.

Circuit Fitness wants to give you not only a great workout, we want to give you RESULTS! Our job is to make your training experience as safe and effective as possible and remove any guess-work.


First things first. Start with a FREE group training session. By allowing us to get to know you, you will get to know our program and how we can help you meet your specific goals and level of fitness. We can then modify movements to maximize results in the safest manner.

Our daily sessions are programmed with a variety of training methods so that we can keep workouts fresh, spontaneous, effective, and, dare I say, FUN! Each training session will offer a number of exercise movements at a station. You will spend a specific amount of time or rep count at that station before advancing through the workout. Our certified coaches will walk you through each exercise and station to ensure your safety and effectiveness of the exercises. We have proven that a “start slow and build progressively” workout is the most effective way to realize your results in the coming days and weeks. 

The toughest part of working out is SHOWING UP!