You cannot exercise your way out of a bad diet. 70% of weight loss success comes from your meal choices and habits.People are always seeking that miracle fat melting diet. With that said, I hope to save many from the aggravation and frustration often found in the pursuit of this very elusive diet. I am providing some time-tested and proven techniques for those seeking to successfully lose the unwanted body weight in a healthy sustainable way that is long-term! However, it can only help if one makes time to read and understand what we are trying to accomplish.

There is power in knowing “WHY”. My members have repeatedly heard me say, “When starting a healthy eating program, it’s not about WHAT-YOU-EAT, it’s about HOW-YOU-EAT”. Over the past two-and-a-half decades I have discovered the most successful method for coaching clients on nutrition starts with modifying behaviors and less about food choices. Our eating behaviors often need an over-haul before meal selections can be made effective. Without good eating behaviors, what you put in your mouth becomes much less relevant. The good vs. bad behaviors is a long list and somewhat relative to the individual.

I have witnessed countless who set themselves up for failure attempting to revamp their entire way of eating/living in pursuit of some fad diet. As committed and energized as they may be to a diet that guarantees fast results, it is often unrealistic and at best short-term, especially if it’s drastic or extremely sacrificial. The end results are usually the same… Good for a week or two then fizzle out frustrated and discouraged. Then, back to the status quo. WHY?

“Indecision and delays are the parents of failure.” George Canning

Indecision can be described in many ways: paralysis by analysis, information overload, hesitancy, vacillation, delay, etc. It all boils down to one thing: A lack of action toward the attainment of a goal or desire. It’s really just that simple.

Jimmy Buffett said, “Indecision may or may not be my problem.” No matter the symptom that leads to indecision, courage is the key to overcoming it.

It takes courage to make a decision and stick by it. If you’ve reached a point of saturation in your life where you’re tired of accepting the “status quo” and feeling like you have no hope of ever getting the body, health and life you want, then you’re in a perfect position for success.


You see, the corollary to this freedom of choice is this; a decision translates into energy. Indecision saps energy. If you don’t like the life you’re currently living, change your choices. That’s the formula. In other words, making an empowering decision means that there is no turning back, no way out, no backtracking or sidestepping. It takes a certain degree of responsibility to make a decision, and a definite degree of character and responsibility to see it through. When you take a decisive stance on becoming healthier, then you have ended all uncertainty, all dispute, and you are conclusive with this resolve: “I will be victorious in this issue no matter what it takes or how long it takes me. I AM IN CONTROL. From now on, The Buck Stops Here!”