Is dealing with a nagging pain hindering your fitness success? 



PTX is foundational in allowing you to live a pain-free life, as well as giving you faster and greater benefits with your Circuit Fitness workouts. Thousands of people have been helped through PTX Therapy, from professional and world-class athletes to those who have tried everything else for years just to live a normal life without pain. PTX works because the science behind it works! Read/watch the many symptoms helped, and testimonials, at This on-demand therapy is available 24/7 from any computer, tablet or mobile device. 


Unlike practices such as traditional physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic and other pain-treatment therapies, PTX does not use hands-on manipulations, drugs, braces, machines, or physical agents (ice, heat, tape, ultrasound, muscle-stim, etc.). Such treatments are merely a band-aid approach to getting some relief. PTX is an approach emphasizing restoration of postural function to the human body, by focusing on the deep structural muscles. The whole body is connected, you know, “the ankle-bone’s connected to the shin-bone….”, so PTX looks past the symptom and treats the actual cause. The muscles dictate the alignment of your bones, joints, and spine 100% of the time. By reducing or eliminating muscle imbalances as well as structural and mechanical deviations, you can heal. PTX gives you the know-how to change your posture and movement patterns, allowing you to re-align yourself with a series of specially designed body positions and exercises. The exercises are sequenced very specifically for you, and the sequencing is of utmost importance – “the science is in the sequence”. 


Visit, click “Get Started. There is no contract, so you may cancel anytime. Provide a history of your physical condition by completing the interactive questionnaire (takes only 8min to complete). The patented system (“virtual therapist”) immediately provides you with a routine to address your symptoms and specific imbalances. PTX Therapists have generated a catalog of almost 1,000 exercises, including many with slight variations of yoga or traditional physical therapy movements, and these now exist in high-def video format on the website. The therapy does not require any special equipment, and it can be done in the comfort of your own home. 


The vast majority of PTX Therapy users experience some relief after their very first session, or week of therapy, with many virtually pain-free within 1-3 weeks. PTX works quickly because the body is a master at healing IF given the proper stimulus. Remember, your body didn’t get here overnight, so it will take some work, but it’s work that’s well worth it! It’s recommended that your personalized sequence is performed for one week, at which time you’ll be asked to submit a progress report (taking only 2min), and the system immediately generates your new therapy routine. Clients on average go through five weeks of routines, and are then placed on a maintenance schedule – a valuable tool for your body to have forever.