"This is not a fad lose weight quick program."

"I have never committed and stuck to a fitness program – ever.  My intentions were always good.  I tried Weight Watchers, LA Weight Loss, trained for and ran a marathon. I think I am addicted to the goal, then once achieved, it is back to my old ways.

In October, I met Mike Echt. I took the card and kept it on my desk for nearly a month before I finally called.  My weight had climbed to 158 lbs. (up 13 lbs.) since I had moved here the year before.  My eating was not healthy and I was not drinking enough water.  He encouraged me to just come in and determine if it was for me.  I tried Circuit Fitness and signed up for a 12 week program only committing to 3 days per week.  The environment is so personal and encouraging.  It never hurt so much that I did not want to return as with other programs.  I just kept showing up.  Mike would push me just to my limit and make me want to continue.  He told me to sign up for My Fitness Pal and I tracked my food goals (1200 calories / 110g protein per day).  On my off days, I used the app Couch to 5K and followed the program.  I had started it many times but never finished.
Today I am a healthy 136 lbs.  – down 22 lbs.  This is not a fad lose weight quick program.  It is a lifestyle program…a commitment.  I feel good – now it’s up to me to keep SHOWING UP!"
Results at 7 months: 
> 17 lbs. lost       > 5.5% loss in total body fat      > Muscle mass increase by almost 3 lbs.       > I finished Couch to 5K

> Circuit Fitness 3x / week     > Herbalife Protein Shakes  >Couch to 5K running app.    > My Fitness Pal food tracking app

     ~ B.M.