Speed and Agility Camps

This 6-WEEK Speed Camp has two phases during the summer. 

Phase 1: meets twice each week and has a heavy emphasis on proper running form and change in direction drills. 

Phase 2: Meets 3 times per week and teaches athletes foot work / agility training and short-mid yardage speed. Our passion is rooted in our focus to train athletes safely and progressively while improving their overall athletic abilities and building confidence. Progression training promotes muscle and tendons attachment integrity as the athletes increases force, strength, and explosive power, significantly decreasing the risks of injury. 

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6 Week: Speed, Agility, and Conditioning Camps

Boys 9th – 12th July? MWF TBD 

Boys 7th – 12th July? T&TH TBD 

 Girls 9th – 12th July? MWF TBD