All The Benefits Of Personal Training... For A Fraction Of The Cost!!!

What is Circuit Fitness? We offer coach led group fitness training in a class format which welcomes ALL fitness levels and training intensities. While other facilities may focus primarily on building large amounts of muscle mass and bulk our proven classes target the benefits of tightening and toning muscle while shedding unwanted body fat. Circuit training has a long and proven history of efficiently increasing daily functional capacities and overall health and fitness. We take time understanding each member’s goals, limitations, and fitness levels at the start of their Circuit Fitness experience. This allows us to personally modifying a movement, lowering/increasing time or reps, or dropping/increasing the weight. Attaining fitness goals are challenging enough; nearly impossible if you become injured or discouraged.

Our philosophy is to spend a lot of time teaching proper movements and correct form before we start challenging the body.

Training safely & effectively is everything!

Our 4-Week Training Cycle combines Two-full Weeks of Circuit Boot Camp Training with Two-full Weeks of Circuit Weight Training.

Weeks 1 & 2 - Circuit Bootcamp Training: Timed Intervals of exercise followed by short bouts of rest cycles. Each daily class usually has 6-8 different exercises/stations and we try to complete 3-4 round within 40-45 minutes. This training method significantly improves cardio fitness while recruiting toned muscle to melt away unwanted body fat. Each Wednesday of weeks 1-2 we offer Core/stability Training: Increasing strength within your pelvis, lower back, hips & abdomen allows the body to work in harmony. Functional stability and core strength improves daily training & activities and reduces injuries. A tight and toned core is the foundations to safe training.

Weeks 3 & 4 - Circuit Weight Training: Timed lifting segments followed by short rest cycles elevates the heart rate for the entire session and maximizes total exercise volume (number of sets & reps). This method of weight training does not require heavy lifting. The elevated cardio output increases muscle strength, tone, and endurance. Tone muscle significantly increases the metabolism which efficiently melts away stored body fat throughout the day, especially during Weeks 1-2: Circuit Bootcamp Training. 

Each daily class is very structure and professionally coached by a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer. The format is non-competitive (unless you choose to make it so). Our top-notch coaching is very attentive and insures that your personalized group workouts are safe, efficient, and very effective. We limit class sizes to 20 participants per class.



Will it be hard? 

Yes, but not impossible. Results are a great motivator! The hardest part is getting here... "Hey, that would make a great motto". 

Can I keep up? 

Yes, we accommodate all fitness levels. Everyone here started out just like you. Each session is designed to accommodate all levels of fitness intensities and goals. 

Why Personalized Group Training Over Personal Training? 

Personalized Group Training (PGT) is more economical and offers the group social experience and motivation. People want to have fun while working out, they want to experience great music and they want to share the group “high” not offered with personal training. PGT offers the results and benefits of hiring a personal trainer with much less expense. Great results at a fraction of the cost! 

Do I need to be in shape before I begin? 

Absolutely not! Many students enter the program starting at ground-zero of their fitness potential. We are training you, not muscles. We are primarily looking for competency with these specific movement patterns that insures your safety and maximizes your results as you progress through your group program. You are pushed and encouraged based on your progressive level of fitness. All we want is for you to give your best effort on that particular day and Show Up

What kind of results can I expect? 

New students can expect considerable reduction of body fat and about a 15-20% improvement in strength and endurance over baseline measurements. In addition, our findings show that flexibility and agility significantly improve. Subjective things like increased mental toughness, energy levels, improved sleep and reduced joint stiffness are also very often reported. Most of our students are shocked at their improvements even though they would consider themselves already fit at the start of the program. After one month, your transformation will be initiated. By month number two, your friends will want to know your secret. 

How long is each session? 

With warm-up preparation, the workout and post-workout stretch each session will be 40 and 45 minutes. 

Do I work out every day? 

If you are out of shape you should attempt to attend as many sessions as possible, especially at the start. Once you have established a baseline of fitness, you will be able to maintain your fitness with less frequent visits but your improvements will plateau. Understand that there are a number of variables involved. 

How do I get started? 

Start by contacting Circuit Fitness and setting up a time to come tour the facility or attend a free group training session. This will give you an opportunity tosee for youself the variety of exercise movements at light to moderate intensity levels while you become familiar with our training methods and proper techniques.

How much does this cost? 

All of our programs and rates are structured to meet everybody's needs. See our Program and Rates page for details. 

What credit cards do you accept? 

We take VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DISCOVER. We will accept check but do not accept cash. 

What attire should I wear? 

Comfortable workout gear and cross training shoes. We request that you have a dedicated pair of Cross Training running shoes for your program. If your shoes are more than 1-year old you increase the odds of injury. Cold water will be provided however, you will be responsible for a water container as well as a gym towel. 

Does Circuit Fitness have showers and locker rooms? 

Although we do have a changing room /restroom, currently we do not have showers or a locker room. 

Are you hiring? I want to work here! 

We are always looking for talented self-motivated individuals. A back ground in Biology, Physical Education or Exercise Science is helpful, but not required. You will need a certification by a nationally accrediting body of high standards and a minimum of 2-years’ experience, please keep in mind. Contact Coach Mike to schedule an interview: