Athletes Will Train Extensively & Excel in the Following:

SPEED/AGILITY: Running mechanics, linear and lateral movements, acceleration deceleration, and foot work and foot placement (Reaction Time).

CORE: Engaging and strengthening the components of balance and stability: abdominal, lower back, and all muscle of the trunk.

CONDITIONING: Exceeding the physical demands of the sport in order to aid in stamina and recovery.

POWER: Emphasis on proper form, jump training (plyometrics) and landing technique. Explosiveness and strength throughout the movement.

RANGE OF MOTION: Dynamic flexibility, foam rolling, and muscle activation.

INJURY PREVENTION: Correct muscle imbalances; educate proper form and improve joint mobility and stability.

Program: Our primary focus is to significantly develope our athletes total athletic abilities in a very pragmatic science-based approach. As young athletes experiences “growth-spurts” their body’s Center-of-Gravity (COG) becomes a moving target, challenging their agility, timing and balance which can compromise speed and over-all game-time performance. This is very important and often overlooked. We introduce all athletes to our Core and Stability platform which reprograms athletes to physically and mentally reconnect with their COG. This connection, tied with a solid Speed, Agility, and Power training program is the foundation which significantly improves each athletes return on their invested time in the Team 1 Performance Training Program. Your athlete will see significant improvements in their total athletic abilities, confidence, and willingness to train and try harder. 


Mike Echt, B.S. Exercise Sports Science, ACSM-CPT
Mark Hambrick, M.S. Exercise Physiologist